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FIRST - For Inspiration and Recognition for Science and Technology


We are Team 4270: The Crusaders, an inclusive high school robotics team, representing Saint Louis School in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Team 4270 originally started as Team 2440 in 2012 by Dwayne Yamaguchi. It then changed from 2440 to 4270, as the robotics program continued until 2014. After being dormant for two years, the robotics program was reintroduced to Saint Louis School in the 2016-2017 school year under the Leadership of Travis Takashima, a former robotics mentor from Farrington High school's robotics Team 2504: The Governors.


Within the first year, our team become Hawaii Regional finalists after creating an alliance with Team 1661: Griffitrons and Team 3721: Charger Robotics, where we qualified for the FIRST World Championship in Houston, Texas. In addition to this achievement the Hawai'i Star-Advertiser published an article about being the highest-ranked team from Hawaii after the qualification matches. 


Our team is a family for those who admire S.T.E.M and want to get hands-on experience and learn more about robotics. With the influence of FIRST, our students have access to different professional machines and software such as AutoDesk Inventor for 3D-modeling and lathe machines, CNC routers, drill press, etc. for machine and assembly work.


We embrace different cultures and open a world-view perspective by traveling nationally and internationally. We have gone on trips to Japan, Canada, California, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Texas, and the neighbor islands. 

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